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In UnderRaid you play either as the raiding player or the Dungeon Master. After choosing your side, you face the other in turn-based yet fast-paced 1v1 fights through a dungeon.
The goal of UnderRaid is combining strategic and turn-based combat, yet keeping it fast-paced so, that after the pick phase, no player has to wait too long for the other.

The raiding player controls a group of three Raiders of his choosing. With his selected group he carefully tries to clear dungeon rooms from the Dungeon Masters Underlings until he reaches and slays the boss at the end of the match.

The Dungeon Master is in charge of his Underling Hordes, which consist out of three different, but similar themed units. In the picking phase he chooses two Hordes to fight under his command in the upcoming match. He also picks a boss the Raiders have to face in the last encounter.

There are customization options through skill trees for both, Raiders and Underlings, to be prepared in the picking phase and between rooms, resulting in a great variety of builds and strategies, giving every match a different feel.

The matches themselves take place in different themed rooms of the dungeon. The further the battle proceeds, the more complex the rooms get. In the early game you’ll find very symmetrical rooms with some covers. Late game rooms have (literally) more depth to them. Bottomless pits, hills, choke points and asymmetric level design are some of the things that can be found here.
During matches, players have to predict right and/or adjust their strategy to overcome their enemies playstyle.


UnderRaid started as a study project named 'Paranoia'. Soon, we ourselves were hooked on the game, and wanted to finish its unique combination of game elements. We founded the company Dynamic Deadlines around the game and its team.


  • WIDE VARIETY OF CHARACTERS - Choose from a big rooster of Raiders or Underlings (including giant Bosses) to fight for your cause.
  • FREE & GRIDLESS MOVEMENT - Block paths or stand in your own way! Different sized units allow many tactical variations.
  • RAPID TURNS - Decide quick and plan beforehand! Short turns allow an ongoing game flow.
  • CRISP CONTROLS - Time is short, but crisp controls and clean UI aid you in mastering every battle!
  • NO RNG - Every number is definite, there won’t be a random crit or miss messing up your whole strategy.
  • COMPETITIVE BALANCING - Adapt to your opponents style of play to defeat your foes and get your ELO going!


Underraid Sneak Peek YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Runner-Up 'Best Newcomer DCP', - UnderRaid 2015" Berlin, 21st April, 2015

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About Dynamic Deadlines

Dynamic Deadlines is a small, independent game studio in Darmstadt, Germany. The team consists of Joris Drobka, Lukas Ulbrich, Jürgen Harbich, Anneke Eberlei, Constantin Hassan, Hannes Draack and Thomas Makiela. Since september 2014 we're working on our first title “UnderRaid”, a dynamic and fast-paced competitive dungeon raid.

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