Hannes Draack


Rince | Gamedesign

Studied Business & Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieur M. Sc.) in Hannover, and still writing his PhD in Monetary Theory. While he joined us for the business administration, with a solid understanding of mathematics and theoretical modeling and with videogames as a lifelong hobby of his, he quickly adapted to game design.

Lukas Ulbrich


Slodge | 3D & Technical Art

Like most of us, Lukas achieved his bachelor degree at the h_da in ‘Animation & Game’. Specialized in complex 3D animation rigs and godspeed modeling technique, he also revealed himself to be quite the technician, being responsible for our website and data systems.
When not solving problems on 3D models, websites or servers, he really enjoys creating some. Thats when you see him peel of his human shell to unveil orcish blood, steaming under handcrafted armor and weaponry, always ready to strike his bottle of rum against yours.

Joris Drobka


Nepomuf | Programming

After a short ‘digital media’ intermezzo at the Academy of Arts in Bremen, Joris joined the rest of the lot to study Animation&Games at the h_da Darmstadt and finished his bachelor last summer. Always pending between design, painting and programming, he finally settled for the latter, and wasn’t seen outside of his coding vault since then.
Unity and Photoshop are the tools of his trade, and the sheer power to create anything in this enclosed, simplified virtual world is the fuel that drives his engine. Alongside with gallons of coffee, of course^^

Anneke Eberlei


Annyway | 3D Environment Art

Specialised herself on Environment Art during her studies in Darmstadt at the University of Applied Science. After collecting experiences in both indie and AAA development, she soon decided to go indie again and joined our team to help create our dungeon.

Christian Mayer


Punmaster | 2D Environment Concept Art

As Concept Artist Christian provides graphic ideas of environmental and architecural elements as inspiration and reference for the production team. He is currently studying Animation&Game and is on his path to gain his bachelor’s degree.

Constantin Hassan


Derpediderp | Audio Production

Constantin archieved his Diploma in Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute in Frankfurt am Main in 2013. He made his first experience with Soundtracks and Game Sound-Design in early 2014, where he was working with Jürgen Harbich and two of his commilitones on a Mobile Game, which also was Jürgen’s Bachelor Project. It turned out very well, so Jürgen suggested to affiliate him into Dynamic Deadlines. His great passion for music and RPG’s suites him perfectly into our Team. He is going to create the Soundtrack and Sound Design for Underraid and is responsible for everything that has something to do with Audio.

Jürgen Harbich


Jay | Animation, VFX & 2D Art

This is Juergen. He loves games and bringing things to life – so he just studied “Animation & Game” in Dieburg and eventually got his Bachelor Degree. While studying he already exhibited game projects on several occasions, including Gamescom and E3 Expo.
His main fields of expertise revolve around everything concerning movement in a game, such as visual effects and animations. To make up for his lack of programming skills, he tried to get a deeper insight into the unity particle system – resulting in awesome explosions, magic spells and everything else that requires a keen eye for virtual motion. He also feels quite comfy when animating in Maya or working on 2D art, such as textures and icons. During his studies he made a few soundtracks for games and kept making digital music as a hobby ever since.